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A place to get ideas on lowering your expenses and your footprint... and for increasing your fitness, health and FUN levels...

How low can we go while adding more adventure to our life?!

Find out more information about Climate Recovery efforts at the Issues page, and how you can help on the Get Involved page. Suggestions for improvements are welcome and offers of content are also.


Please join us in supporting having California's Governor, Boards of Supervisors, and City Councils issuing a Climate Change Major Disaster Declaration to help jump start us into solutions at the speed and scale needed ASAP!


Please SAVE THE DATE, and join us for our SUPER COOL celebration at 2 pm on November 14, 2020 in Santa Rosa, CA. Also join our CONTEST. Both are FREE! Yummy treats and awesome speakers including YOU with an open mic segment. (Mary Moore, Evelina Molina, Susan Lamont, Kamal Prasad, Wendy Krupnick, Hope Bohanic, Dan Kerbein and more spoke with us previously and we filmed it!) Roni also interviewed and filmed Elizabeth Kaiser of Singing Frogs Farm AT the farm, and we might share some clips from the tour. We will definitely talk about their NO TILL, NO POISONS/SPRAY methods; and also about Food Forests and Carbon Farming; also high heat and low water availability farming as learned from Charlotte of Victory Gardens who traveled and learned in India; and also EcoVille permaculture and tiny home adventures in Myrtle Creek and Veneta (wetlands), Oregon progress updates. If you are interested in being part of an EcoVille in those areas or in Lake County, Sonoma County or Northern California please contact us ASAP. You can join us anytime up until 3 pm. {We will probably still be celebrating past then, but no guarantees. : ) -} All less than a block south of Sebastopol Rd./Ave off Boyd Street. (~.5 miles east of Dutton Ave.) If you live in or near Sonoma County we hope you join us (preferably by bike, bus, skateboard, carpooling etc. If you live a bit away from Santa Rosa we hope you start an event near you or join us via Skype! Just let us know well in advance and we will plan together! Nurture Your Inner Eco-Hero! Email Roni at if you would like to join us, help or have questions. RSVP's are not required, except to get the address, but space is limited and we want to accomodate everyone well.


Please check out the movies Forks Over Knives and Cowspiracy and for lots of great information on how lowering our animal products consumption can have huge positive impacts on our health, our budget, our water consumption ( perspectives/R201403120735), our eco footprint and reversing climate disruption. Also, please visit the Letters section for "EXCITING Low Carbon Travel Adventures" and more. I believe this particular adventure is worthy of being in a movie, and it is a true life story! I love talking about it too, lol. ; ) WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please submit your own adventures and challenges or QUESTIONS to Roni at and/or even better yet

JOIN US ON FACEBOOK AT "Our Green Challenge" and share there.

Also, we have more adventures to tell about if you are interested, just let us know. People are so very kind when we eco travel! I am amazed every time...


Veronica "Roni" Jacobi, our founder, created this website to help EMPOWER you to start taking small and large steps to head us to a better future individually and collectively. Fortunately, there are MANY things we can do that are good for us as individuals that are also good for everyone and OUR FUTURE.

One of the best ways to solve problems is for families and neighbors to sit down with friends and neighbors. Let's join with or create community groups to address neighborhood and county challenges including reducing our individual and collective footprint.

(Google Energy Wise Neighbors for some great ideas!)

Please let us know what parts of this website are most helpful to you and suggest links and topics you would like us to add or expand on.

Again, please share your success stories and new efforts towared greater sustainability and lower individual, household or group carbon footprints.

The choices we make today, as individuals and collectively, will have critical impacts to our quality of life for the next few years, and even greater impacts as time goes on.

"Thank you so very much for everything you do to help make the future more positive!"

Veronica "Roni" Jacobi

Founder of Our Green Challenge

Santa Rosa Councilwoman 2006-2010

Co-founder of the Sonoma County Water Coalition


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